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RIP Annie

RIP Annie
April 24th, 1988-July 1st, 2017

It’s been a rough couple of years on the farm. I feel like every other month or so I’m writing a Facebook post in memory of one of my pets, combing through photos for one that perfectly captures their spirit…it gets old. I knew it was coming; we’re halfway through a wave of senior animals, and barring any unseen illnesses or injuries, there are two or three that I expect to say goodbye to in the next couple of years. Loss is part of life. I know that, but it still doesn’t make it easier.
Last weekend we said goodbye to a mainstay of our farm. It was not as peaceful an end as I would have hoped for such a gentle mare, and, as most of us who care for horses have experienced, it happened in the middle of the night. Not on a beautiful sunny day full of carrots and love as I had planned, but an emergency call and subsequent euthanasia illuminated by flashlights behind the old hill-top barn.
But I’m trying not to dwell on the end. Instead, I’m remembering the fifteen years prior, the fifteen good years that Annie lived with us. She wasn’t the fanciest horse, or the soundest. She had a big tumor on her flank that drove me crazy in the winter because it pulled her blankets to that side. Despite those flaws, Annie was the best horse ever. That’s not an exaggeration. Not a meaningless superlative. She simply was the best horse that ever lived. She could be trusted with the smallest child- I once used her as a living prop for a photo session with a friend’s baby. She was the companion for countless young horses, those who needed a little extra reassurance or someone to (gently) teach them manners.
Everyone loved Annie. And we will all miss her. Godspeed sweet girl…Ruler, Bubbles, and Dolores are waiting for you.


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