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Hello 2019!

So, it looks like my last post was at the end of 2017. Whoops. I guess my resolution of blogging more frequently was totally unsuccessful. Sorry…maybe this year will be the year I actually write more!

2018 held a lot of ups and downs for us at TMF. Probably my least favorite part was the rain. We received 84+ inches, when the average is 47 inches (or something like that). The mud and mold and general malaise caused by so. much. rain. resulted in fewer projects being completed than originally anticipated. Fortunately, all those projects are still right here, waiting for us.

My favorite part of 2018 was showing our yearling Welsh filly, Brookside Mandalay! I was beyond proud of her first show season, and look forward to what 2019 brings for her. To be honest, I was pretty proud of myself too. I haven’t shown a youngster in ages, and to do all her prep (except braiding-let’s be realistic here!) and handling myself was both tremendously difficult and tremendously rewarding. I’m sure she would have won more blue ribbons being shown by someone who really knew what they were doing, but we had fun and that’s the most important part for my extra-amateur self.

We almost made it through the whole year without losing anyone, but shortly before Christmas our old cat Mickey passed away. He was ancient, so in some ways his loss was easier to bear, but it’s still such a blow to lose any of them. RIP Mickey. I’m sure wherever you are, you have both eyes, all your teeth, and an endless supply of slow lizards.

Back to happier news, our Thoroughbred broodmare Thumbs Up (Jackie, to her friends) was bred to the loveliest Welsh stallion, Cadlanvalley Bodacious. We’re expecting a large pony foal in early May, and I can promise the farm’s FB page will be totally spammed with cute foal pictures for some time afterwards. 


We also got to watch a family of foxes grow up, practically in our backyard. Fox mating season is from Dec. to February, so hopefully we’ll be seeing another litter around March-April! And hopefully, they learn to hunt something other than our neighbor’s chickens. Sorry Jen.

Lastly, I was happy to play a small part (through my photography) this year with several local animal-rescue organizations and their efforts to find homes for unwanted dogs and cats. I’ve got a wordy post on the way about the importance of spay/neuter, so that’s definitely something to look forward to. I’ll try not to be too preachy. No promises.                                               Ungrateful rescue cat (ours, unfortunately)


Hoping for a peaceful & prosperous 2019 for everyone!     

                                                                     Invar (boarded with us) and Jackie       


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